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How to Avoid Lock Problems

05/07/2015 Back To Blog

Surely, only a small percentage of the whole population never had lock problems. No matter what actions are taken problems return to make our lives difficult and compromise home security. But really: have you been doing the right things? The reason for only a minority having minimum or no problems at all is related to the precautions taken. Although problems cannot disappear altogether, complications can be reduced. Most certainly, apartment lockout can be the result of someone forgetting his home keys to the office. Though, most problems are associated with actual issues related to the keys and the locks. Those without problems probably know better than us that investing in excellent deadbolts and having all locks replaced periodically are both extremely important decisions and steps. However, there is more than one solution.

Let's start by bringing in mind what are the most common problems.

* Mechanisms break
* Keys break or get distorted
* Locks get rusty
* Keys won't turn, fit or get inserted in the lock
* Latches are misaligned and get stuck

The reasons for these problems are lack of lubrication, old locks, failure to fix problems on time, mistreatment of keys, or no maintenance. If you follow the reverse path, you avoid problems. Lock replacement is only needed when there is a serious problem with the mechanism or there is a broken part. It's also necessary when the bolt is already too old. In the meantime, taking care of both keys and locks is equally vital. As far as keys are concerned, there is nothing more you can do by trying to keep them in non-moisture places and avoid throwing them with other stuff, especially if there are rusty steel items around.

Basic lock problem prevention

Nowadays, locks require more attention. Their maintenance is critical.

* Remove the screws of the door locks and then remove the cylinder
* Remove dust with canned air and a toothbrush and lubricate the cylinder and the latch
* Check if there are dents and when reassembling the lock and putting the cylinder back, make sure its setscrews are tightened well
* Make sure the latch is extended all the way and is inserted in the strike plate hole
* Check often the strike plate. Make sure it is aligned with the latch and is mounted well against the door jamb

Keeping the locks well lubricated, clean, and repaired occasionally to save you from trouble. It's equally important to take care of the door hinges because if you have to push the door in order to lock it, soon trouble is encountered. What this trouble usually is? A house lockout!

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