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We have answers to your lock related questions.

Do you have trouble in determining the perfect time to call the expert help of locksmiths? We give answers and provide information about different bolts! Do you know how to secure your home? Find your answers here!

Are there differences among bolts?

There are definitely differences and according to our locksmith specialists in Lakewood you should invest in good materials with long bolts. Hard steel and 3 inch long bolts will secure your doors better because they will penetrate well the door frame and wall and they will be resistant to force. Make sure they're installed properly.

How can I ensure home security?

Home security starts with good security door locks and durable doors. Get solid materials when you choose new doors with peep holes and make sure deadbolt installation is done properly. It's also prudent to have the locks replaced every few years and make sure to install additional security systems at all entrances of your property.

Why do I need the key number?

This is the only way in which our contractor can identify what replacement to give you. It is imperative that you keep it in a safe place or alternatively can recall it easily.

Can I get a copy of a key with a ‘Do Not Duplicate’ mark?

Keys marked with ‘Do Not Duplicate’ and ‘Do Not Copy’ must have an authorization letter from the owner when you are requesting for duplication. Our experts recommend that you abide with the law and request for an authorization letter before duplicating a restricted key.

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